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Chirp Wheel Review: The Back Pain Relief Wheel Seen On Shark Tank

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If you’re sitting there, reading this post desperately looking for something to help ease your back pain… or just help get that stretch you can’t quite get to… chirp might just be the solution to your problem.

Chirp Wheel

Benefits Simplified

  • Easily extend, stretch, and massage your spine
  • Fits in between the shoulder blades where a foam roller cannot
  • Lightweight and easily transportable (fits in most checked luggage)
  • Multiple sizes that each provide a different depth of massage on the spots you need the most

How Does The Chirp Wheel Work?

Let’s cover a few things, starting with answering the obvious question; how does the chirp wheel work? What makes the chirp wheel different?

If you’re an athlete, or someone who’s dealt with tension or pain in your back, you’ve likely tired or at the very least heard of the foam roller.

I have some bad news and some good news…

The bad news about getting the Chirp Wheel…

If you have a foam roller, it’s going to gather some dust and even waste a bit of space in your home.

The good news about getting the Chirp Wheel…

You’re going to be able to much more effectively target the tension in the muscles along your spine.

The conventional foam roller has many flaws, one of the main being that it’s not designed to fit in between your shoulder blades.

On top of that, there’s no dip in the center for your spine to fit, meaning you’re not quite close enough to apply the right pressure on those muscles.

It might feel good, but it’s just not effective as it can be.

Don’t believe me? Watch this comparison video that shows a Chirp vs Foam Roller side by side comparison using bubble wrap…

What Does the Chirp Wheel do? 

The Chirp Wheel provides a safe, and unique stretch of your spine while giving a deep-tissue massage.

In short, the Chirp Wheel helps relief tension, pain and discomfort caused by the muscles supporting your spine being too tight.

man using the chirp wheel

If you follow our reviews at PhytoMethod, you might have seen the one of Pso-Rite. I want to quickly address the difference.

Pso-Rite is more of a static stretch, whereas Chirp is a dynamic stretch. You won’t get the crack you’re looking for with Pso-Rite. And to be honest, it’s a bit painful. Whereas Chirp is comfortable to use.

Which size Chirp wheel is best?

There’s 3 different Chirp wheel sizes, from 6″ inches to 12″ inches. For rule of thumb, the smaller the size, the more pressure and a deeper massage.

If in doubt, they offer a Chirp Wheel 3 Pack with all the sizes. I personally loved this pack as depending on what muscle I’m trying to target. If I want a different crack in my back, I can go with the size I feel helps in that moment.

Now I understand at that price point for the 3 Pack it’s not an option for everyone. So I would recommend going right in the middle with the 10″ Chirp Wheel. This is actually the size I use the most.

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Who Recommends The Chirp Wheel?

I personally recommend the Chirp Wheel as a user, former gym owner and certified personal trainer.

Chirp also boasts they have a network of over 3,000 chiropractors and physical therapists that recommend it.

Even further, there’s over 3,700 reviews with a 5-star rating on the Chirp wheel.

chirp wheel benefits

Does Chirp Wheel Really Work?

Alright, if you don’t want to take my word for it, or the word of thousands of trained physicians or reviews.

There’s really only one thing you can do…

Try the Chirp Wheel for yourself.

Fortunately, there’s a 60-day “Happy Body Guarantee”, meaning if you’re not satisfied after a month, you can easily return it in time.

Before you make your decision, here’s another video from the company talking about the Chirp Wheel:

Is Chirp Wheel Worth the Money? 

All I can say is how I approach my decisions when it comes to purchasing a recovery tool.

If this purchase helped relief 25% of your pain or tension, would it be worth it? I answered that question with a yes, and I am very glad I did. You’ll have to make that decision for yourself.

The Verdict

If you’ve been reading you know my verdict. If you skipped to the end, the answer is simple. This is a must-buy if you’re dealing with tension or pain in your back.

View on Amazon today!

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