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Last Updated On January 21, 2022

Written by Cole


Introducing the Hypervolt GO; an alternative to Hyperices’ flagship handheld massager, the Hypervolt. This massage gun often comes up in discussion when being compared to Theragun Mini for its travel-friendliness and the rest of the Therabody products for power and quality manufacturing.

In this Hypervolt GO review, we’re going to break down every part of this device and give you an unbiased verdict on this product both from our own use and experimentation, as well as a compilation of what the fitness community in general thinks of this product.

If you found your way here and are new to the world of massage guns wondering whether or not they work, start here.

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Hypervolt GO


Initial Thoughts

From a performance standpoint, the Hypervolt GO holds its own against products that come in at triple the cost, making it (from a data stand point) an excellent purchase.

Many other massage guns in this price range tend to break down easily and to be frank, you can feel how the material was budgeted. This isn’t the case with the Hypervolt GO, similarly to Therabody products, the actual product manufacturing quality is impeccable.

The ergonomic grip is comfortable for hands of all sizes and the vibrations don’t easily transition to your hand, which can be an issue with cheaper, or lesser quality products.

But before you jump forward to make this purchase, it is not perfect, there are a few problems that we cover in this article.


1.5 lbs (680g)
7.25" x 5.5" x 2"
Speed Levels
2200 / 2750 / 3200 (PPM)
Sound Output
53 dB
Bluetooth Enabled
2: bullet & flat
Battery Life & Charge Time
150 minutes; 300 minutes
Battery Type
18V Lithium-ion Battery


This is one of the downsides (cons) to the Hypervolt GO, there isn’t much room for customization whatsoever. You pretty much get what you see, as there aren’t any pre-purchase edits such as color, charging stand, etc.

Percussion Speeds

Despite not having an OLED screen like Theragun PRO has to see the speed you’re on and adjust accordingly, it’s still not a difficult process to change speeds. The Hypervolt GO has 3 speed levels (as seen below).

Level 1: 2,200 PPM

Level 2: 2,750 PPM

Level 3: 3,200 PPM

In order to transition between speed levels, initially, you’ll hold down the (only) button for a few seconds to power on the device. Once the lights are up indicating the device is powered on, you simply press the device once to begin, which starts you off on the lowest speed setting (2,200 PPM), once more to go medium speed (2,750 PPM), and a final press to hit the maximum speed the device offers which is 3,200 PPM.

Once you’re ready to turn your device off, you’ll hold the button down while on the 3rd and maximum speed level to power down.

Speed Comparison

Below we’ve taken a few of the major players in the massage gun market and compared them alongside the Hypervolt GO to give you a visual representation of how fast this device actually is.


The Hypervolt GO comes with two separate attachments: flat and bullet. (Pictured below)

While this isn’t the best offering on the planet, as there’s other brands that offer 3-5 with purchase, it still gets the job just done. By contrast, the comparable Theragun Mini only comes with a single ball attachment.

Through our experimentation we found these two attachments to work quite well interchangeably. The bullet attachment helps when you want to pin point an area with maximum pressure, i.e. lower back on a specific nerve if you’re dealing with back pain. Whereas the flathead attachment helps with shoulder, bicep, tricep, and other small or sensitive muscles.

If you’re looking for more Hypervolt GO attachments, click the link for an option from Amazon that has 5 attachments, including the 2 original that can act as backups or replacements.

hypervolt go all included

Battery Life

If you’re an athlete and plan on using your massage gun to recovery often, the battery life is important. Despite most self-massage sessions with a percussion device only lasting 10-30 minutes, if you end up with a cheap massage device that has a crappy battery life, you’ll feel that pain, literally, every time you want to get a massage in to ease your soreness, welp, time to charge!

The Hypervolt GO has a very competitive battery life, lasting 2.5 hours (or 150 minutes). However, the downside is the charge time…if the device is completely “dead”, you might have to charge it overnight while you sleep as it can take 4-6 hours. The pressure applied (read Stall Force below) can have a big effect on the battery life, i..e, if you push really hard causing the device to nearly stall, it will drain the battery life significantly faster.

So the question that remains is…will you have the discipline to put it on the charger after every couple of uses? If the answer is yes, then you’ll have a very positive experience using the Hypervolt GO.


There’s good news and bad news…firstly, the bad news is that the Hypervolt GO does NOT come with a case. In my opinion, this is a pretty big mistake by Hyperice as this is branded as an option for travelers that want a smaller and lighter device.

The good news is that there are options on the market, including this Hypervolt GO case from Amazon that comes with the two original attachments plus three additional ones to help with trigger point massages.

case for massage gun


The Hypervolt GO comes with an industry-standard 1-year warranty that includes manufacturing defects (i.e. material or workmanship). If you have an issue that requires shipping and is covered by the warranty, Hyperice will cover the shipping costs both ways.


Amplitude (or stroke length) is far more important than most athletes realize. In short, amplitude is the measure of how far the attachment head travels back and forth to deliver the massage. If the amplitude is low, the device is more so focused on vibrations, whereas if the amplitude is long, you’ll gain both a deep tissue massage as well as the benefits of vibration therapy.

The amplitude on a Hypervolt GO is 10mm, which is on the lower end when compared to its counterparts such as the Theragun Mini which has an amplitude of 12mm, and its larger cousins at Therabody operating with 16mm amplitude.

Get The Hypervolt GO

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Stall Force

Being one of the weakest points of the Hypervolt GO, the stall force is a measure of how much pressure can be applied before the device will stall. With the GO coming in at only 15 lbs and larger percussion devices in the industry can often see 40-60 lbs…it’s a bit of a let down, to say the least.

Obviously, it can’t be compared apples to apples since those devices are not “travel-friendly”, so in the case of a fair comparison we’ll have to yet again look at Theragun Mini, which despite being a good margin smaller, clocks in at 20 lbs stall force.

One thing I will have to add is that unless you’re working with the type of pressure that aggressive massage therapists often use, you’ll rarely notice the Hypervolt GO begin to stall. It does its job just fine without needing an epic stall force. But being quite low in comparison to other carry-on ready devices, it is a consideration.

Design & Size

As far as size goes, being a device that brands itself as “GO”, and its ability to be travel/carry-on friendly, it’s fair to have high expectations here. Most people would expect a relatively small device in comparison to more powerful devices.

Fortunately, that is the case. The Hypervolt GO dimensions are only 7.25″ x 5.5″ x 2″, and as mentioned before, only 1.5 lbs (680g) in total weight, making it a very travel friendly massage gun.

The Hypervolt GO design quality can rival any device on the market. The ergonomic grip feels intuitive and leads to minimal vibrations reaching your hand, in lesser devices, this can be quite a point of discomfort.

While the design is a difficult thing to quantify without going into a deep and boring explanation of the exact materials and sourcing, we can tell you from our own use that it is high quality. It is unlikely you’ll purchase the Hypervolt GO and be disappointed with the material quality and design.

The only downside that comes to my mind is the lack of an OLED screen, and only one button to transition between the speed levels, but if you’re wanting a travel-friendly device, you’ve got to sacrifice something, right?


Using QuietGlide™️ technology, the Hypervolt GO has an astoundingly quiet sound output of only 55 dB, which in comparison to Theragun Mini at 65 dB, an average human conversation being 68 dB, and larger handheld massagers being 70-90 dB, it’s easy to see why Hyperice is so confident in advertising their technology.

As we trialed this massage gun, even on maximum speed (level 3), while applying a moderate amount of pressure, the massager is still incredibly quiet. Now, of course, you’re going to hear it. You won’t be able to secretly massage your sore hammies with your spouse in the room not knowing, but, it won’t disrupt the room or cause you to double your TV volume as some other massagers will.


As always at PhytoMethod, we do our absolute best to write without bias to help you make your purchasing decision from a neutral, knowledgeable standpoint. This is why a community verdict is contained before our own…we read hundreds of reviews and talk to others that have used these products so you don’t have to.

Community Verdict

On this single Amazon listing for the Hypervolt GO, we found over a thousand reviews for this massager. Throughout these reviews, we identified a few common points brought up on repeat:

Overall Rating (Community)

While it’s one of those products that is easy to get lost in the hundreds and hundreds of 5-star raving reviews, there are some notable issues with this product and they all seem to revolve around the functionality of the button. That being said, a 4.7 star rating across over a thousand reviews for a very affordable product says a lot.

PhytoMethod Verdict

Through our own testing with this product against ones in the same price range, here’s what we at PhytoMethod think of the Hypervolt GO:

Material Quality

Absolutely no complaints here. Hyperice did not skimp when it comes to material quality, it feels and looks phenomenal.

Case & Storage

Being a carry-on approved massage gun that doesn’t come with a case, this is a tough one to rate well. I mean, there’s literally no case and no storage options included with the initial purchase. That being said, there are very affordable case options for the Hypervolt GO from 3rd party sellers.

Power & Speeds

Hitting 3,200 PPM/RPM for this price range is quite remarkable. There are other brands on the market that beat this, but frankly, you don’t need speeds faster than that. You can even find this referenced in many reviews saying that you don’t need to go beyond the first speed setting.

However, the power could use a pick-me-up…with only 15 lbs stall force, it’s absolutely on the weaker side. Sure, you could argue that it’s a smaller device intended for travel, but let’s be honest, when you’re trying to work out a sore muscle, your device stalling on you could cause some irritation.

In our own experimentation, we noticed the 15 lbs to (mostly) hold up. We had a professional athlete test it a handful of times and that was the only complaint from his side.


For a device operating at 3,200 percussions per minute, this easily met, and exceeded our expectations for how quiet the device should be. The Hypervolt GO clocks in at only 55 dB at maximum power, which is pretty remarkable, if you ask us.

Overall Rating (PhytoMethod)

If you factor in the size and price, you really can’t go wrong with this device. The manufacturing quality, design, ergonomic feel, speeds, and lack of sound all compete with massage guns selling for significantly more. Now, I will say if you’re not budgeting on this, there are options that might serve you better, including the upgraded version from Hyperice; the Hypervolt Plus. If you are looking for something more budget-friendly, look no further than the Hypervolt GO, your new travel companion and at-home masseuse.

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