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PSO-RITE Muscle Release Tool And Personal Massager

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Your psoas muscle might just be the most important muscle you’ve never heard of. The psoas connects your legs to your torso, which stabilizes your spine, corrects your posture, and enables you to bend from the waist. These actions are crucial for most sports, from swimming and cycling to athletics and aerobics – but they’re just as needed for everyday activities we take for granted, such as walking and sitting down.

Because of its size and location, the psoas muscle enables us to move our bodies in both basic and advanced ways. But this means it is easy to strain – and when that happens, its position within the pelvis makes it extremely difficult to soothe.

That’s where the PSO-RITE Muscle Release Tool and Personal Massager comes in. To learn whether this tool is right for you, check out our PSO-Rite review below.

PSO Rite


  • Helps to easily alleviate tightness in your hips and lower back
  • Easily transportable and super lightweight
  • Pinpoints a deep massage that can usually only be reached by a visit to the chiropractor
  • Used by professional athletes to reduce back pain

What is the Psoas Muscle?

The psoas is a core muscle that makes up the group known as the ‘hip flexors,’ which work by contracting to pull your torso up towards your thigh. Starting at the lumbar vertebrae – the five vertebrae between your pelvis and rib cage – the psoas runs down each side of the spine before attaching to a prominent section of bone on your femur.

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Can you imagine having access to your own personal masseuse every day? With the PSO-RITE Muscle Release Tool and Personal Massager, you’ll have the next best thing – a full-body self-massage tool shaped to mimic the hands and elbows of a therapist.

PSO-RITE’s massage tools are designed to target deep tissue areas that other products can’t reach. Its patented PSO-RITE tool doesn’t just give its name to the brand – it offers psoas muscle relief to people who can’t find it with other massagers.

Product Specifications 

  • Dimensions: The PSO-RITE measures 10.7 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 5.3 inches tall
  • Material: It’s made of rigid plastic to provide maximum relief to deep tissue and muscles. Rubber feet on the bottom keep the PSO-RITE stable, ensuring that it won’t slide out from under you during use
  • Design: The PSO-RITE features two peaks of plastic that stand out from its base, mimicking the hands or elbows of a massage therapist. These are 6.3 inches apart, meaning the tool can be used to relieve muscles in different areas of the body at once, with a versatile ‘one size fits all’ design

PSO-Rite Review 

The PSO-RITE Muscle Release Tool and Personal Massager is a massage tool with a difference. Foam rollers, spiked acupressure balls, and even a couple of tennis balls in a sock, there are a lot of solutions out there that promise to relieve muscle pain. But how can these devices access those ‘hard to reach’ spots, such as your psoas?

A tight psoas is a leading cause of lower back pain and can make even gentle movements unbearable. For such focused discomfort, only a similarly focused tool will do the job. The patented design of the PSO-RITE has been created to provide deep relief for the psoas muscle, with two plastic peaks that act as the hands or elbows of your favorite massage therapist.

The hard plastic of the peaks means they can dig deep into your muscle and soft tissue, accessing trigger points, tension, and knots that conventional tools might miss. 

Also, unlike most other massage devices, the PSO-RITE is able to reach your psoas muscle on both sides of your body at once. This bilateral design means maximum relief for minimum effort – simply settle yourself on top of the tool and feel the benefit on each side of your back or pelvis.

With over 135 five-star reviews on Amazon, the PSO-RITE can also be used to release tension in your shoulders, hamstring, neck, and lower back. If you want a tool that will provide ultimate precision while allowing you to control the pressure, this is the one for you. 

Rubber feet on the bottom of the PSO-RITE ensure it won’t budge, despite its lightweight design – so you can apply as much of your weight onto it as you need to without worrying about it sliding out of position.


  • Lightweight (1.155 lb) material makes it ideal for travel
  • Patented design enables it to target multiple muscles at once
  • Rigid plastic ensures deep tissue targeting
  • One size fits all


  • More expensive than other plastic massage tools on the market

Who Is The PSO-RITE For? 

The PSO-RITE Muscle Release Tool and Personal Massager is the perfect choice for anyone looking for targeted psoas muscle relief. Whether you’re an athlete who’s strained your psoas during exercise, or simply somebody who’s struggling with lower back pain and thinks a tight psoas might be to blame, the PSO-RITE is one of the most versatile self-massagers on the market.

The one size fits all design makes for the ultimate convenience. No matter your height or build, the PSO-RITE Muscle Release Tool will hit all those places you didn’t think were possible. 

This truly is a tool for everyone. Use before or after working out, first thing in the morning, or last thing at night – essentially, use it whenever you feel the need for deep psoas muscle relief, increased blood flow, and improved posture.

person using pso-rite to stretch the psoas muscle


When you’re suffering from muscle pain, everyday life becomes an endurance test. Put an end to that with the PSO-RITE. It might seem a bit more expensive than its competitors but think of it as having your own personal masseuse at your constant beck and call.

The knock-on effects of muscle pain can include poor posture, decreased agility, and even interrupted sleep. By soothing your strained psoas, the PSO-RITE helps you wave goodbye to debilitating pain. Who doesn’t want a massage that’s available anytime necessary that provides targeted psoas muscle relief? And the price tag was certainly worth it to the reviewers who claim it changed their life overnight.

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