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Renpho Massage Gun Review – The Massage World’s Hidden Gem?

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Not sure what the massage gun hype is about? Start here.

There’s no short supply when it comes to cheap massage guns…but, unfortunately, they are also cheap quality. Finding an affordable massage gun that is durable, has multiple speed settings, comes with a variety of attachments, and has power… well, it’s challenging.

So now the question remains, which bucket does the Renpho massage gun fall into? Is it worthy of competing with brands like Therabody and Hyperice, or is it another flopped, cheap massager? Keep reading to uncover the answer, or if you’re short on time, skip to the verdict.

Renpho massage gun review

Renpho R3 Massage Gun


  • Lighting fast percussions per minute
  • Shockingly affordable price
  • Barely bigger than your phone
  • Near silent while in use
  • Comes with 5 attachments

Specifications & features

Percussion Speeds (PPM)

From 1,800 to 3,200 percussions per minute across five speeds. This stands out against almost any massage gun on the market, even the significantly more expensive Theragun PRO only hits 2,400 PPM.

On top of the maximum speed of 3,200, the ability to transition between five different speeds is also somewhat unique because most other massage guns only have three speed settings.

Size and weight

Competing with Theragun Mini, the Renpho R3 massage gun weighs only 1.5 lbs with dimensions of 7.3” x 5.7” x 2.3” making itself a very travel-friendly, mini massage gun.


Hitting only 40 dB, the Renpho R3 is about as close to a silent massage gun as you can get right now. For reference, here’s a few competing massage guns and everyday sounds you encounter:

  • Theragun PRO: 75 dB
  • Hypervolt 2 Pro: 66 dB
  • VYBE Pro: 60 dB
  • Refrigerator: 40 dB
  • Whispering: 30 dB
  • Hair Dryer: 70 dB

Battery Life

The battery lasts for 150 minutes (2.5 hours) while in use, which is quite standard. However, the charge time for the Renpho R3 is 180 minutes (3 hours) which is relatively high.

The battery life can be drastically reduced if you apply a lot of manual pressure while giving yourself a percussion massage. Fortunately, the R3 has a handy feature that automatically shuts off the massager after 10 minutes to save battery… being as quiet as it is, it’s possible to walk away and forget it was left on!

Amplitude / Stroke Length

The R3 has an amplitude of 10 mm, which to be honest, is quite a letdown. It’s not bad considering that’s approximately the “industry average”. If this massage gun wasn’t mind-blowingly cheap, I’d be more concerned with this.

If you’re not familiar with amplitude, it is simply the measure of how far your massage gun travels which indicates how deep of a massage you can get without applying more manual pressure.

What’s included?

The Renpho R3 comes with a storage case, Type-C cable, two rubber sleeves, and five head attachments:

  • Bullet Head
  • Flat Head
  • Air Cushion Head
  • Ball Head
  • Fork Head


In order to provide unbiased reviews, we always include a two-part conclusion.

The first part is a summary consisting of how buyers are perceiving this massage gun. We sift through hundreds, and sometimes thousands of reviews to find common pain points or features buyers have loved. 

The second part consists of feedback we receive from our own pool of health and fitness professionals including business owners, elite athletes, and coaches.

Community verdict

Astoundingly positive. There are (very) few deep tissue massagers we can say that with. Inside the tens of thousands of reviews for all massage guns offered by Renpho, there’s no shortage of positive feedback.

PhytoMethod verdict

Let’s put it this way, if you purchased a massage gun for $300-600 and it turned out to be a dud, that would suck. But this gun isn’t anywhere near that price. And if the tens of thousands of 5-star reviews are any indication of quality, the chance of you not liking a Renpho massage gun is exceptionally low.

Here are a few reasons we recommend the Renpho massage gun:

  • It’s lightning-fast at 3,200 PPM
  • The overwhelming majority of buyers love it
  • It comes with 5 attachment heads
  • It’s small, lightweight, and has a modern look to it
  • It’s ridiculously quiet at 40 dB

What makes the Renpho one of the best massage guns?

Price. Outright that is your answer. All Renpho massage guns compete with massagers 2X, 3X, and even 5X their price in terms of the specs, features, attachments, etc. But the real differentiating factor is how much each gun costs, the fact that you could buy multiple Renpho R3’s and still spend less than one gun from their competitors just says it all.

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