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The Best Mobility Stick In 2022 Review

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Looking for the best way to exercise your body and attain stability and movement? Then you’re looking for a mobility stick. The best stick for mobility isn’t just a PVC pipe, but a stick that helps your body get into that perfect pose.

But with so much online content about products that provide stability, flexibility, and stretching, how do you pick? 

Here, we’re going to share the mobility stick you need in 2021.

Who Sells the Best One?

We’ve taken the work out of you having to figure out which mobility stick is the best in 2021. The winner: Stick Mobility. Whether you aim to use it at your home gym or a personal training facility, our Stick Mobility review is meant to help you move better in 2021.

Who is Stick Mobility?

Stick Mobility is a company that offers a comprehensive mobility training system aiming to increase strength, stability, and mobility. This, in turn, leads to better stretching and joint mobilization, while minimizing the risk of injury. This isn’t a company that simply uses a stick for movement. They use it as a tool and offer a system that people can tap into to improve their fitness journey.

Why Stick Mobility?

There are several issues that using this company’s system may help you overcome. Some examples are hip flexor issues, muscle tension, stiff shoulder range of motion, and more. When using this system, the options for use are endless. In the past, even using PVC pipes or wooden dowels would’ve been an alternative. But too much resistance on the pipes and that was it: snap. This company has built a great tool, offers great content, and has the training systems in place to help you in your flexibility journey.

Who Uses Stick Mobility Products?

People looking to better their body strength, movements, and stability. Also, anyone looking to tap into the area of increased flexibility, range of motion, and the potential for help with joint mobilization. Mobility tools bring a certain level of body awareness to the person wanting more from their routine, whether it’s a person working in the office or an athlete.

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Do Their Mobility Sticks Work?

Plenty of reviews online vouch for this system. When wishing to get more out of your body, you can amp it up by using Stick Mobility sticks and doing the corresponding workouts. Picture yourself stretching out those shoulders while twisting to the gentle leverage this stick can provide. Not only do you get to your threshold by the guidance of the stick, but you also get there in a way that is kind to your body.

The product uses your body weight as leverage and helps provide a better range in your positions when working out. Rather than using resistance and force in the traditional way, you’ll see that the alternative is a more gentle approach. Resistance and force can work for you if you know how to channel them properly. This tool can help.

Why Not Just Exercise on Your Own?

You absolutely should! Stick mobility isn’t aiming to take away your workout or the way you do things now. This is a simple tool that can make things easier as a movement system in the realm of strength training and overall mobility.

What You Need to Know about the Sticks

You’ll find that mobility sticks come in packs of three (two tall, one short). Having two tall sticks gives you leverage and balance for certain exercises, like the Monkey Hang. The shorter length targets other specific exercises, like a good stretch for the shoulders.

As you create an account and get ready to purchase, you’ll find that both, the long and short sticks come in different sizes. The website does offer help in determining stick sizes according to your own height. So don’t worry, you won’t do this alone. Stick mobility is with you to help you make the right move as you purchase this game-changer, all rights reserved, strength training system.

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What are the specs?

 The product is 4-feet, 5-feet, 6-feet- and 7-feet in length respectively per individual stick.

What If You’re Super Strong?

 Don’t worry, they thought about this, too. While their mobility sticks don’t snap in half like a PVC pipe can, the company is aware that human strength can be indomitable.

stretching using a mobility stick

Stick Mobility’s website recommends that if you’re over 250 pounds and uber strong, that you may think about their heavy-duty stick models. Since strength training assistance is one of the features of the product, you can get the heavy-duty models so that you can apply force as needed.

However, if you have more questions on whether the standard or heavy-duty tools would be best for you, give them a call. Their phone number is right on the site and their customer service reps will help you tap into the best piece of equipment for your body type. 

Comprehensive Training is Available

Stick mobility offers a superior product, and they want you to use it right. In addition to selling the product, you can purchase their training programs which include online videos. Below is more information on their training offering.

woman leaning on flexing mobility stick

Golf Program

The Golf Program is a set of three sticks and an online video bundle. For those looking to increase golf mobility, this content is for you. The set of three gives you choice and freedom. The visual content helps you understand the use of the sticks to increase your golf skills.

man using mobility stick while golfing

Runner’s Program

The Runner’s Program also comes with a set of three sticks and a video bundle. When reviewing this content, you’ll be guided by the video trainer on form and modality. The training system is designed to get you to use the stick as you need for increased running performance.

mobility stick set

Why Buy These Programs?

Even if using the sticks as part of a home gym, the training increases self-awareness. It shows how to grip the sticks appropriately to move your body the right way. Remember, stretching is a big part of joint mobilization so even if you’re at home, knowing how to properly use the stick is important. The training program is not required, but it is recommended. Your body will thank you.

A Bonus Worthy of Mention

When you purchase your tools from Stick Mobility, even if you decide not to order the workout videos mentioned above for golf mobility or the runner’s content, you still get training. The part of their video library called, “Beginner’s Fundamentals Online Training Video Series,” comes with Stick Mobility purchase to get you going. 

They know mobility sticks are more than grabbing a PVC pipe or wooden dowels to stretch. This is why the company includes videos even if you’re not buying a program. They want to help you move better and use your product wisely.

Education and Certification

If you decide that you wish to have advanced knowledge of the content, you can become certified! The company offers two programs to certify professionals. These feature advanced moves in an online or two-day intensive training.

Is the Certification Online or In-Person?

Both! You can order the in-person or online program. The in-person has two editions. The one online includes a single, holistic content.

Is It Hands-on?

Yes. In fact, the training is meant to be 80% hands-on and 20% theory, so get ready to be in the thick of it while learning pro moves using the sticks. If you’re a gym owner, think about having this added knowledge under your tool belt to serve your patrons.

What Are Some Techniques Included in the Training? Is the Bow and Arrow Included?

In both the online and the in-person training, participants learn the use of the product, exercises, routines. In the in-person Level 2, participants learn more advanced movements, like the bow and arrow technique. The bow and arrow movements allow for multi-directional loading and strength.

Is the Stick Mobility System Accredited?

Yes, the mobility system is accredited by the following organizations:

  • Personal Training Academy Global
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Aerobics & Fitness Association of America
  • National College of Exercise Professionals
  • National Strength & Conditioning Association
  • Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association

Does Purchase Come with a Warranty?

Yes. When purchasing directly from Stickmobility.com, you’re guaranteed a 12-month warranty against manufacturer refunds. The company will also cover replacement shipping charges. You’ll find more detailed information on their website.

If choosing to return, the company offers a 30-day refund policy from the date of purchase if purchased directly from their website (Stickmobility.com). For a full review of their Return and Exchange Policy, visit their site.

woman stretching back with mobility stick

Can the Sticks Break?

Although this artifact was made to create tension as it bends, there is such a thing as over tension. In such cases, the over flexing of the stick can create enough negative tension to damage or break it. We recommend reading the instructions on the use and care of the stick to prevent this sort of experience.

Where Can I See Examples of Use Besides Buying the Training Videos?

Hop over to Stick Mobility’s YouTube channel to check out their video library. The free video library of YouTube videos on the company’s YouTube channel has great content and tap into the magic of their products. You’ll also see a familiar movement or two. These classic favorites since high school are flexibility stretches that could be made better with the use of this product.

Conclusion / Verdict

We’ve brought you the best review for this type of product in 2021. Rather than funneling through the internet for a stick mobility review, simply scan this article and you’ll see why this is the best choice money can buy. A few final reminders:

  • This product is great not only for those seeking increased flexibility and mobility but for strength improvement as well.  
  • The company offers a comprehensive library together with videos and education support. You can even become certified!
  • The tools come in different sizes according to height and to fit the different exercise routines.
  • Their YouTube channel contains a plethora of additional information.

You can find a Stick Mobility review on Amazon.com. Check it out and be sure to buy on Amazon today!

Where to buy a mobility stick?

You can find a buy a mobility stick on Amazon.

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