Theragun Mini Review 2022

Last Updated On January 21, 2022

Written by Cole


Theragun Mini was created by Therabody as a more travel-friendly and compact alternative to its larger (albeit more powerful) counterparts including Theragun Prime, Elite, and Pro.

Being that you’re here reading about a miniature version of the before mentioned massage guns, I will skip some of the jargon and assume you have a basic level of knowledge when it comes to massage guns. If that’s not the case, check out this article.

Throughout this article, we will analyze every aspect of Theragun Mini and get down to the real question, is it the most agile massage device the market has to offer? And if so, does it provide equal Theragun quality relief and match up to its counterparts?

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Theragun Mini


Initial Thoughts

Now there are a few things to note…

Firstly, this mini massage gun gets the job done very well if you’re trying to quickly recover sore muscles or provide some relaxation on the go. However, if you’re looking for a true deep tissue massage that releases hard-to-reach knots, I urge you to instead see our best massage guns article. Due to the small size of the mini, it doesn’t pack the biggest punch of percussion power.

Secondly, the included soft case only fits the actual percussion gun, and does not fit the charger you’ll need as well… unfortunately, this means the charger will need to be carried separately. Which, depending on your travel bag, can be slightly inconvenient.


1.43 lbs (650g)
6 in x 5.3 in x 2.25 in (15.2 cm x 13.5 cm x 7.7 cm)
Speed Levels
1750 / 2100 / 2400 (PPM)
Sound Output
65 dB
Bluetooth Enabled
1 Standard Ball
1-Year Limited
12 mm
Battery Life & Charge Time
150 minutes; 80 minutes
Battery Type
12V Internal Lithium-ion Battery


Unlike other handheld massagers on the market, the mini does not have more than one attachment included with your purchase. However, you can order any 4th generation Therabody attachment separately (for an additional cost) and fit it right on.

If you already have one of the larger 4th gen Theragun products such as the Elite, or even Pro, getting the mini for trips (i.e. work, vacation, etc.) can be really helpful and those attachments will work perfect fine on your mini.

Color Options

As seen below, the mini comes in 4 beautiful matte-like colors; white, red, desert rose, and black.

It might go without saying, but I’d like to clarify that there is absolutely zero difference in performance, the attachments you receive, or settings between the colors, it is purely a cosmetic difference.

Desert Rose

Percussion Speeds

Capable of seamlessly transitioning between 3 speeds from 1,750 on its lowest setting to 2,400 ppm (percussions per minute) on maximum, the mini gives just enough speed customization without becoming overwhelming.

The maximum PPM on the mini is marginally below its counterpart such as the Hypervolt Go, which sees 3,200 PPM on its maximum (also of 3 levels) setting (see a comparison chart below), you likely won’t be able to tell the difference unless you really need to work out an exceptionally tight muscle. And if that’s the case, the pocket sized massage gun likely isn’t the best percussion massager for the job at hand.

In comparison to other products from Therabody, the speeds and range are almost identical, the only differing factor being the number of speed settings available. So to be clear, it’s not underperforming at all from a speed standpoint due to its size. In fact, while having a compact design, this agile device is very comparable.


A standard ball attachment is included.

This is, in my opinion, the biggest downside of the mini. While I understand the logic is likely to increase the travel-ability of the device, and having multiple attachments can hinder that, I still love the ability to swap between attachments to target different muscles, and that’s not possible with Theragun mini.

On the bright side, as mentioned above, the mini has 4th generation attachment compatibility, meaning you can purchase any 4th generation attachment from Therabody and fit it right onto your mini.

Battery Life

In my experience, the battery life on your massage gun is critical. There will be cases where you forget to throw it on the charger immediately after using, and later pick it up to use when you need it the most (i.e. after a long bike ride or other training session), only to find out that it’s dead…

There’s just no greater pain for a sore athlete, well, other than the soreness itself! The mini lasts for a whopping 2.5 hours (identical to the Hypervolt GO) and only takes 80 minutes to charge to full.


Not unlike other percussion massagers on the market, a purchase of Theragun mini device gets you a 1-year limited warranty, however, if you’re in the EU/UK you’ll get 2 years. The same warranty applies for the charging stand, charger, and power adapter. The only variation from this warranty is on the ball attachment, which is only 30 days.

Stall Force

The stall force of a percussion massager is exactly as it sounds, it represents how much force is required to stall the gun if pressed against it.

For example, if you apply 20 lbs of pressure to yourself with the mini, it will stall. This stall force (20 lbs) is actually quite low in comparison to other guns, but keep in mind, we’re talking about the mini here. It’s not designed to be the strongest on the block.

An important thing to note is if you apply more pressure to your muscle (therefore testing the stall force) in order to get a deeper muscle massage, you will drain the battery significantly faster.

Design & Size

Keywords to include: ergonomic grip, mini version, true portability, muscle tension, upper back

The size of the mini is just what you would expect – it weighs in at about half the weight of Theragun’s larger massage guns, and its size is about half that of Theragun Pro as well. 

The small size is convenient for packing and being on the go, as the mini will easily fit into your travel or gym bag without taking up much space. This gives the device true portability and allows users to relieve muscle tension at any time, and in any place, not just at home. 

Initially, we were a little skeptical of the mini’s shape and the lack of a traditional handle. Is there still a good ergonomic grip in the mini version? Does it allow the user to still effectively relieve muscle tension in difficult-to-reach areas like the upper back, or is it more difficult to operate it without a handle? 

Both from our perspective and that of hundreds of reviewers, this is no issue at all and the shape of the device does not impact the way the massager can be used. The triangular shape and slick design are just a bonus, therefore!

One thing we will point out is that due to the hand being placed right on the massage gun’s body (rather than on a separate handle), the vibrations might transfer into your hands more strongly. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but something to consider.



If you have any experience with massage guns, you might know that some of them can sound like a blender and be quite disruptive, especially if you plan on getting a massage while watching TV, or even before bed.

This is one of the reasons that the mini is searched, it makes sense that a smaller gun would be quieter… well, is that even the case?

Using sound insulation and quietforce technology, the mini clocks in at 65 decibels on the maximum setting (2,400 PPM) , which is definitely considered quiet in the massage gun world, however, it does surprise me how loud it is for being such a small device. To give a point of reference, here’s a few other electronics, common sounds and their respective decibel output.

Blender: 88 dB

Microwave: 59 dB

Human Conversation: 68 dB

Hypervolt GO: 55 dB

Motorcycle Engine: 95 dB

If your main goal is to get a quieter massage gun, I’d have to again point towards the Hypervolt GO, as it is 15% quieter. Now if you just want something on the ‘quiet side’, then you’ll be perfectly happy with Theragun mini.


In an effort to reduce bias, we include both our verdict, as well as a deep dive into the percussion massage community’s conclusion based on the percentage of reviews, with the negative ones also being considered and singled out regardless of how rare they are.

Community Verdict

When analyzing Amazon, we found nearly 3,000 reviews with an average rating of 5 stars and while reading through hundreds of these reviews, we found the following features mentioned often:

Overall Rating (Community)

Every product in the world is bound to have a few negative reviews, perfection isn’t possible. But the general consensus across the massage gun community with thousands of reviews is that for its size, Theragun Mini is a force to be reckoned with and deserves its 5-star review.

PhytoMethod Verdict

From our experience testing various massage guns, as well as deep-diving into the data of each particular one, and reading hundreds (if not thousands) of reviews… here’s what we think of Theragun mini:

Material Quality

The mini’s unique shape and ergonomic grip alongside its material quality is second to none. Among all of Therabody’s 4th generation products, this is the general consensus. If you’re looking for a sturdy, quality massager that is intended to last, this is absolutely an option.

Case & Accessories

We don’t love the mini’s case as it doesn’t fit the device’s charger. This certainly isn’t a deal-breaker, but a redesign would be worth it to increase the convenience of this made-to-travel device.

Compared to other massage gun mini-versions, it’s disappointing that Theragun mini only comes with the standard ball attachment and all other heads need to be purchased separately. Theragun, give us at least one additional attachment!

Power & Speeds

While the power (stall force) of the agile mini is considerably lower than other guns on the market, you simply can’t compare them apples to apples. If you consider the size of the mini, and compare it to other brands’ attempts at making a more pocket-sized partner, the power is definitely acceptable.

As far as speeds go, with size factored in, the mini packs a serious punch that can’t be ignored.


It’s not uncommon for new buyers to be shocked by how loud these devices can actually be, so the mini came as a breathe of fresh air being as quiet as it is – clocking only 65 dB on the highest percussion speed.

Overall Rating (PhytoMethod)

In summary, if you want an ultra portable, agile massage device that is super easy to travel with, has a considerable battery life with moderate power, Theragun Mini is the device for you.

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