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TrueForm Runner Review – A Treadmill Worth Buying?

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How’s the TrueForm different from other treadmills?

One look at the TrueForm treadmill and you know there’s something different about it. It goes beyond the visual curve, though, there’s quite a lot that makes this treadmill special.

For starters, it requires zero electricity. Yep, that’s right. You don’t even need to plug this bad boy in, your running alone will power your TrueForm.

Additionally, the frame itself is a one-piece weld of steel and aluminum, which makes it both supremely durable as well as lightweight. This difference is night and day. If you don’t believe me, give a close look at those treadmills at your next gym visit, you’ll likely find the plastic caps and belts often slipping off because they are cheaply built.

And finally, the sleek, curved design alongside the traction-powered belt emulates running in a way that ‘normal’ treadmills do not. This allows you to perfect your form and therefore increase running performance and reduce the risks of having an injury while running.

Why is the TrueForm curved?

The curve gives a more natural landing and allows your momentum to propel the belt backward and power the machine itself.

Interestingly enough, curved, motorless treadmills burn 44% more calories, require higher physiological and perceptual demands, and increase cadence when compared to traditional treadmills, according to a 2018 study done by the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport (JSAMS).

Can you walk on the TrueForm treadmill?

Yes, you can walk, jog, stride, run, or sprint. The motorless TrueForm treadmill is self-paced, meaning the harder you run, the faster the belt will move – just like outside, with the exception of the belt, of course.

Trueform runner review

Fair warning: This is a very minimalistic, manually operated treadmill that focuses on performance, proper running form, and less on bells and whistles. It’s so simple that you can remove the railings (see below) and replace the belt with astroturf.

TrueForm Features


The TrueForm belt is unusually narrow but reportedly has great grip. The belt itself is made of bonded Kraiburg Thermolast by Smith and Wesson.


This treadmill has zero ports for your phone, iPad, or whichever other device you were hoping to charge.


I hate to break it to you, but there’s zero compatibility for your music, podcasts, etc., but you can of course listen to anything you like via regular headphones, AirPods, or speakers in your home.


DING-DING! Just when you started thinking the TrueForm treadmill had zero features I had to switch it up on ya! Albeit small, the TrueForm does come with a rechargeable LCD display that is compatible with the Polar heart rate monitor T31.

Runner Specifications

*This differs based on the treadmill as they have multiple products, the following specifications are for the TrueForm runner.

Treadmill Weight: 340 lbs

Max Weight: 500 lbs

Dimensions: 64” x 36” x 63” 

Pros and Cons

Many of these “cons”, can also be looked at as pros depending on how you like to run.


  • Develops proper running technique & form
  • Allows self-pacing without managing a bunch of speed settings
  • Rewards technically sound posture
  • Manual start better engages your leg muscles
  • Reduces impact on joints
  • Ideal for high-intensity sprints, intervals, WODs, and zone training
  • High-quality materials & lighter than most treadmills
  • Easily movable due to no plug being needed


  • No bluetooth® compatibility
  • No phone charging or music
  • No shows, movies, or news to watch
  • No preset speeds for those of you that want to just zone out and run

Is the TrueForm worth buying? (final verdict)

The TrueForm treadmill is unique, there’s no doubt about that. But as far as ‘worth buying’ goes, I have to cautiously say “maybe”. Now I understand that might be a frustrating verdict after having read down to this point, but it’s the best answer. If you can afford to fork out the money and are looking for a high-performance machine, then yes, go for it, splurge on this head-turning treadmill and you’re very likely to be happy with your decision.

However, if you’re on a budget, or feel the price is a bit stretched, then there are other comparable options on the market you should consider first.

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