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Vertiball Wall Mounted Massage Ball Review

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When it comes to your body, nothing is more important than ensuring that you’re treating it with the proper care that it deserves. Dealing with muscle pain, cramps, and soreness can really be a drag – no matter how you experience it. If it’s from working out, an injury, or even from sitting in a chair at your desk for hours on end, it can wreak havoc on your physical and mental health. 

For that very reason, we enlist the use of exciting products like percussive therapy devices – also known as massage tools. Today, we’d like to talk about an excellent tool for deep massages, the Vertiball Massager.

Is The Vertiball Massager Good?

Well, in all seriousness, it might be one of the best tools for deep massages that I’ve ever used. Essentially, it’s a wall-mounted massage ball, which makes it easy to use and easier to selectively target those hard-to-reach areas around your lower and mid-back. And in my opinion, that’s the biggest selling point.

The Vertiball Massager is a really impressive wall ball massage tool because it takes the stress out of self-massaging. All you have to do is mount it to the wall and from there, the 360-degree movement will do the rest.

Trigger Point Therapy

Using a form of trigger point therapy, the ball is designed to target those muscle knots or tender spots that you might find in your back muscles. These are often described as “myofascial pain syndrome.” When you target these trigger points, you should open yourself up to a range of benefits like an increased range of motion, enhanced flexibility, and of course, decreased muscle pain and discomfort.

In addition to those functional and practical benefits, the Vertiball Massager will also help to promote faster recovery times and improve your blood circulation. In fact, they even claim that it can enhance your sleep and alleviate pain from headaches – although I haven’t experienced this myself just yet.

How Does The Vertiball Massager Work?

Designed with a high-performance suction cup on the back of the device, getting started is as easy as picking a solid surface in your home for installation. The suction cup will seamlessly adhere to everything from plastic surfaces and thick glass, to painted wood or even smooth painted drywall.

The purpose of the Vertiball Massager is to make it easier for those with muscle pain to target those trigger points and those hard-to-reach areas – right from the comfort of their own home. And let me tell you, it certainly delivers on those promises.

Thank you for reading this Vertiball Massager review.

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