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VYBE Pro Percussion Massage Gun – 2022 Review

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You are likely well-aware of the giants in the massage gun industry, but if you aren’t in the market for one of the high-priced massage guns out there, or you’re not that satisfied with them in the first place, smaller (yet up-and-coming) brands like VYBE are a great place to look. 

Building professional-grade massage guns and making them available at more budget-friendly prices is what makes VYBE an attractive option for a new massage gun.

VYBE Pro Percussion Massager


  • Up to 3,400 PPM (speed)
  • 3-hour battery life
  • 8 head attachments
  • Very affordable

What is a percussion massage?

A percussion massage is the treatment of different muscle groups with the help of a handheld device that sends brief, rapid pulses into the body’s soft tissues. The device most commonly used for this is a massage gun; an easy-to-handle, portable, battery-powered device that can be used on either oneself or another person needing a massage. 

Percussion massage guns provide a deep tissue massage that, by increasing blood circulation in the area they are applied to, provide relief of pains caused by delayed onset muscle soreness, and can speed up one’s recovery. 

The best massage guns come with an array of head attachments that can be used on different muscle groups on the body for optimal relief and comfort.

VYBE Company

VYBE, at the timing of writing this article, has brought out 4 massage guns. 

In creating their guns, VYBE’s mission was to create devices that could stand their own against the leading competitors, but that didn’t come with their large price tags. Thus, VYBE is helping to make percussion massagers more available to anyone. 

Out of VYBE’s four models, this article will focus on their leading and highest-level massage gun, the VYBE Pro.


Weight2.3 lbs (1.04 kg)
Speed Levels9 Levels
Sound Output60 dB (quiet!)
Warranty1 year
Stroke Length12 mm
Battery Life3 hours


Amplitude is a metric to describe the stroke length of a massage gun, and thus an important factor to look into. If the amplitude is too low, the device can’t properly access deeper tissues and do its job well. 

With 12 mm of amplitude, the VYBE Pro meets the amplitude levels of the competition. Especially paired with the gun’s capacity to reach high strokes per minute (up to 3,400!), this massage gun is quite powerful and packs a good punch. For reference, other PRO devices like Theragun Pro have an amplitude of 16 mm but a capacity for only 2,400 strokes per minute. 

This makes us quite pleased with the VYBE Pro as deep percussion is certainly possible.

Percussion Speeds

The VYBE massage gun speed levels are immaculate. As mentioned before, the massage gun reaches a max speed of 3,400 strokes per minute, which is considerably more than some of the high-level competitors can offer. 

Not only does the VYBE Pro allow you to access those high speeds, but it is also highly customizable with a total of nine (9!) speed settings to choose from. While it can be simpler to deal with a massage gun that only has three speeds, having this many more really enables you to customize your massage experience and truly regulate how the massage gun feels on your body.

Size & Weight

Weighing in at 2.3 lbs or about 1 kg, the VYBE Pro is definitely within the normal range for standard-sized massage guns, and considerably lighter than, for example, Theragun Pro, which weighs almost 3 lbs. 

You might have seen some reviews from users who did not love the weight of this massage gun and felt it was too heavy, but we don’t really agree with their verdict as the gun’s weight is certainly normal and does not exceed the industry average. For a more portable massage gun, travel options like Theragun Mini or Hypervolt GO are good options.

Sound Output

If you’d like to use your massage gun around other people while watching TV, or maybe while others are asleep close by, considering the sound output or volume level of your new massage gun is important. Luckily, the VYBE Pro model clocks in at a maximum sound output of only 60 decibels, which is about average for massage guns with comparable power.

For reference, 60 dB equals a normal conversation or background music. So, we wouldn’t recommend using it in a room where another person is asleep, but other than that, you won’t interrupt anyone while relieving your muscle aches and soreness with the VYBE Pro.

Warranty & Guarantee

If you’re shopping directly through VYBE, you can take advantage of a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. The company asks those who are unsatisfied with their massage guns to reach out, and VYBE will “do what it takes to make it right.” 

Beyond that, there is a one-year warranty on all VYBE massage guns, both through VYBE directly and through Amazon.

Battery Life

This point is a community-favorite, and where the VYBE Pro seems to get the most compliments. The battery life of the VYBE Pro is between 3 and 4 hours (depending on the speed levels used). This is a great amount of time that will ensure that you’ll never run out of battery during a regular use session and that you won’t need to recharge much.

What’s included with the VYBE Pro?

This is where the VYBE Pro really shines: This model comes with a whopping eight attachment heads, the gun itself, of course, as well as a travel case and charger.

Case & Storage

To make this massage gun extra travel-friendly and generally convenient, the VYBE Pro comes with a carrying case that can hold not only the gun itself but also all attachments and the charger. 

This makes it super easy to take the device with you on the go, bring it to the gym or a friend’s house, and we love that everything fits in the case so you won’t lose attachments in your bag or anywhere else. 

Head Attachments

As mentioned above, the VYBE Pro comes with 8 attachments:

  • A Muscle Knob (for shoulders, biceps, triceps, and calves)
  • A Trigger Cone (for trigger points and muscle knots)
  • A Knot Blaster (for knots, joints, palms, and soles)
  • An Arrowhead (for deep tissues and tension points)
  • A Large Ball (for hamstrings, glutes, quads, and chest)
  • A Wedge (for IT band, back, neck, and waist)
  • A Wishbone (for neck, spine, feet, and achilles tendons)
  • A Flathead (for tendons and soft tissues)

Compared to the leading brands who supply, at most, 5-6 attachments, the VYBE Pro really stands out here. In addition to having a very broad speed range with numerous levels, this high number of attachment options really makes the VYBE Pro an exceptionally customizable massage gun. 

Note that some reviewers have mentioned that the attachments don’t come off too easily, but that this can be fixed with some oil.

The good and bad…


  • Comes with a protective case
  • Very powerful with up to 3,400 strokes per minute
  • Comes with 8 versatile head attachments
  • It is very affordably priced
  • Great battery life
  • Exceptionally customizable


  • It could be a bit smaller
  • The attachments don’t come off easily
  • The lower back is somewhat hard to access due to the ergonomics of the gun


At PhytoMethod, we strive to provide reviews that are unbiased and contain both our verdict and that of the community. Read on below to see what others and our team have to say, as a final verdict, about the VYBE PRO Percussion Massage Gun.

Community Verdict

Overall, the fitness and recovery world has had great experiences with this massage gun. Users rave about the versatility of this massage gun and its effectiveness in alleviating pain.

Some reviewers mention that the ergonomics of this VYBE Percussion Massage Gun aren’t perfect, which makes harder-to-reach areas and muscles (like the upper and lower back) difficult to target alone.

Here are some things reviewers commonly mention:

  • Exceptionally powerful (so powerful, in fact, that many people don’t use the higher speed levels)
  • Very efficient at reducing muscular pain and soreness
  • Attachments aren’t the greatest quality
  • Pretty quiet
  • Overall positive experiences. Some quality issues, but those are covered by the warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

Overall Community Verdict

Out of almost 4,000 reviews on Amazon, the VYBE Pro receives an overall rating of 4.6 Stars.

To avoid any issues related to breakages or dysfunctions (which occur pretty rarely, according to the plethora of available reviews), we would recommend registering your device for the warranty to be safe!

PhytoMethod Verdict

We are very impressed with this massage gun. It is highly powerful, so versatile and customizable, and really enables its users to make it “their own” via tons of attachments and speed levels available. Ergonomically, there is some room for improvement, but considering the cost and reward of this massage gun, we think it’s worth its money and a good investment in your wellbeing.

Material Quality

We’d like to see some higher-quality attachments, and a bit more ergonomically friendly handle.

Case & Accessories

Couldn’t wish for any more here! For the price this massage gun comes at, getting a travel case that fits all accessories and the device itself, as well as getting 8 attachments is fantastic.

Power & Speeds

The VYBE Pro offers 33 lbs of percussive power and 12 mm of amplitude. While the percussive power isn’t the biggest, there is no doubt that the VYBE Pro is one of the more powerful massage guns out there, offering up to 3,400 strokes per minute of percussion power, and 9-speed levels to choose from. While we feel that few people will use the highest speeds because they are just so powerful, having the option to is nice!


Reaching only 60 decibels (approximately equaling a normal conversation) on its highest settings, the VYBE Pro is on the normal to lower end of the industry standard, which is a great thing because you likely don’t want your massages to wake up your next-door neighbors. 😉

Overall PhytoMethod Rating

Considering all points of our review and analysis here, we give this VYBE percussion massage gun a rating of 4.6 stars, and definitely think it’s a very worthwhile investment that you’ll get everything out of that you’re looking for. The sheer amount of customizability options are unparalleled. 

We think it is a great option for anyone looking for a professional-grade massage gun that is more affordable than industry giants like Theragun.

If you want to use a massage gun on several different muscle groups, battery life, noise, and power are important to you, get the VYBE Pro and feel its effect on yourself!

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